Tag: ‘Factories (Amendment) Act 2023’


'Factories (Amendment) Act 2023' The Tamil Nadu Assembly  passed the Factories (Amendment) Act 2023 providing flexible working hours for employees, including the option for employers to increase the per day working hours of their staff to 12 hours from the current eight hours per day schedule, in factories across the state. The bill amended the Factories Act, 1948 by introducing a new section (section 65A) which enables the state government to exempt any factory from restrictions relating to weekly hours, holidays, daily working hours, intervals of rest, spread over and prohibition of overlapping shifts. The total working hours in a week would remain unchanged at 48 hours. The amendment would give workers the option to work for four days in a week and avail three days leave. The three days would be paid leave and the existing rules on leaves, overtime, and salaries would remain unchanged.