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Haryana Police became the first to introduce ‘Trakea’ software in FSL

Haryana police have introduced a software named“Trakea” to enable foolproof security of the samples collected in Forensic reports. Haryana became the first State in the country to introduce this unique barcoding system. The software was developed by Amit Mishra, a software engineer who was in Bhondsi jail for 13 months imprisoned on the charge of killing his wife. Key Points: Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister (CM) of Haryana inaugurated the TRAKEA- barcoding system of Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) at Madhuban, Haryana. Trakea aims to ensure secure and tamperproof tracking system for forensic reports, the automation of the process was assisted by the forensic evidence management system from the collection of forensic samples to the analysis of the samples. The procedure is then followed by tracking case wise forensic reports electronically through Trakea. Trakea has recently been bestowed with National SKOCH Police Silver Awardat New Delhi.