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G-20 summits

G-20 summits Multilateral reforms as a priority in the G-20 “The T 20 Task Force on Towards Reformed Multilateralism’’ (TF7) aims to construct a road map for ‘Multilateralism 2.0’ at the G-20. Most of the challenges nations face today are global in nature and require global solutions. Pressing global issues such as conflicts, climate change, migration, macroeconomic instability, and cybersecurity can indeed only be solved collectively. To fix the malaise within multilateralism, G-20 needs to devise multiple solutions.  Currently, the multilateralism reform nar native lives only in elite circles and some national capitals, particularly the emerging powers. Therefore, the G-20 should first focus on setting proper narratives of multilateral reform.  G-20 Summit Formed in 1999 18th Summit – New Delhi Theme ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ ‘’One earth, one family, one future’.