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Space Gaganyaan cryogenic engine test successful: IPRC Indian Space Research Organisation’s Propulsion Research Complex (IPRC) at Mahendragiri in the Tirunelveli district has successfully conducted a 70-second-long ‘Pressure Chamber Test’ of the cryogenic engine to be used in ‘Gaganyaan’ programme. The pressure chamber test of C20 E11 MK III was earlier conducted for about 30 seconds at Mahendragiri on October 28. The test was conducted to check the efficacy of the engine to be used in ISRO’s prestigious ‘Gaganyaan’, which is designed for India’s human spaceflight programme. Following the success of the test, the duration of the test was increased to 70 seconds.  Note The C20 E11 MK III engine is assigned for the LVM3-M3 mission identified for launching the next 36 OneWeb India-1 satellites of the OneWeb, the London-based satellite communications company.