India slips to 40th rank on GIPC’s 8th International Intellectual Property (IP) Index for 2020, US tops

The U.S.(United States) Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC) has released the 8th edition of International Intellectual Property (IP) Index for 2020 namely ‘Art of the possible’ which was authored by Meir Pugatchand David Torstensson.  Position of India in GIPC’s IP Index: In 2020 GIPC’s IP Index, India’s position has downgraded to 40thrank in comparison to 36th position out of 50 countries in 2019. The index has been topped by the United States (US) followed by UK (United Kingdom), Sweden, France and Germany. About Global Innovation Policy Center: It is the principal institution of the United States Chamber of Commerce handling all issues relating to innovation and creativity. Initiated– 2007 Headquarter– Washington DC, US