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Uttarakhand’s iconic Lakshman Jhula to be replaced by India’s first Glass floor bridge

Uttarakhand government has cleared the design of a glass floor suspension bridge, the first of its kind in the country, to be built across Ganga River in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand as a replacement to iconic Lakshman Jhula which was closed in 2019 due to safety reasons. It has been in place for 94 years. The glass floor suspension bridge design is prepared by Public Works Department (PWD). Key Points: The floor of the bridge is to be made of 3.5 inches thick toughened transparent glass, which is capable of bearing a load of more than 750 kg per squaremetre at a stretch. The bridge will be built parallel to Lakshman Jhula with a total width of eight metres. The span of the bridge will be 132.3 metres long with seven feet high toughened glass railings on either side of the structure. It will be safe for commutation for at least 150 years.