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UGC to Set Up National Academic Credit Bank

The University Grants Commission (UGC) will soon set up the National Academic Credit Bank (NAC-Bank) with an aim to help students plan their learning objectives and graduate with a degree before the stipulated period. The system of academic credit bank is already prevalent in many foreign countries. The National Academic Credit Bank will enable non-science students (arts and commerce stream) to take up courses in the science stream after completing a bridge course/ programme. Through this initiative, students can plan their academic/ learning objectives and pursue courses as per their wishes and requirement. UGC has also released a concept note on NAC-Bank on www.ugc.ac.in. The commission has also invited the views and suggestions from all Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) including teachers, students, education personnel, on the NAC-Bank latest by December 20, 2019. About National Academic Credit Bank (NAC-Bank) System The academic credit bank system will revolutionise the Indian education system. At present, Class 12 Science stream students can choose Arts/ Commerce courses in UG. However, Class 12 Arts students are not allowed to choose Science courses at the UG level. Through the NAC Bank system, non-science background students can complete a bridge course, earn a certain number of credits and enroll in science courses. In all, the NAC Bank system will enable students to tune the course of learning in whatever direction they want.