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Uttar Pradesh became first state to initiate Pool Testing of COVID-19

The Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) has given its approval for pool testing to Uttar Pradesh (UP), making latter the first state to do so. The decision has been taken to maximize the sample testing on a daily basis as the cases of COVID-19 positive patients are increasing in the state. As of April 13, 2020, the tally for coronavirus positive cases in the state is 558. What is pool testing? If 10 samples are mixed and tested for COVID-19 and if they test negative, then it will indicate that all samples are negative. But if the test is not negative, then individual testing will be done. This will increase the testing capacity at a time as well as accelerate the process using RTPCR ( Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction). Initiatives by UP govt to tackle COVID-19 impact: Commencement of telephonic consultation facility through which people can call on toll free number 18001805145and can consult with the doctors.