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Defence Rafale - M The Ministry of Defence granted approval for the acquisition of 26 Rafale Marine fighter jets and three Scorpene diesel-electric submarines from France. This paves the way for the official announcement of these two significant deals at the Modi-Macron summit. The proposed inter-governmental agreement for the Rafale-M fighters includes the purchase of 22 single-seat jets and four twin-seat trainers, along with associated equipment, weapons, simulators, spares, crew training, and logistic support. Rafale M vs Rafale:  Feature Rafale M Rafale Airframe Strengthened for carrier landings Standard airframe Wing Foldable Non-foldable Tailhook Yes No Radar Maritime-optimized Standard radar Weapons Wider range of weapons, including antiship missiles Standard range of weapons Mission Carrier operations Air superiority, ground attack, air-to-air refueling Eminent Persons Kamala Harrish US Vice-President Kamala Harris made history again when she cast her 31st tiebreaking vote in the US Senate, tying the record set by John C Calhoun.  Harris already holds the distinction of being the first woman/person of colour to serve as the US vice-president. According to the US Constitution, the vice-president also serves as the president of the Senate. In this capacity, he or she may cast the deciding vote when there is a tie in the Senate. Note Interestingly, current US President Joe Biden, who served as a vice-president during the Barack Obama's presidency, did not cast a single tiebreaking vote.