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Public Opinion Rule to prescribe generic drugs After the National Medical Commission (NMC) notified new guidelines on professional conduct recently, doctors have been protesting one of the stipulations — using generic names of medicines on the prescription instead of a particular brand name. The Indian Medical Association, the largest body of doctors in the country, said in a statement this was akin to “running trains without tracks.”  They said before implementing any policy to meaningfully promote generic medicines, the quality of drugs across manufacturers has to be ensured. Govt – Welfare oriented Govt schemes, their utility Renaming of Women's Fare-Free Bus Travel Scheme to Vidiyal Payanam The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Stalin has announced a renaming of the women’s fare-free bus travel scheme as ‘Vidiyal Payanam.’  The Chief Minister highlighted the need to address inequalities between different classes and genders.  He mentioned that continuing to make laws solely focused on economic matters without addressing these inequalities would be against the spirit of the Constitution.