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Russian Navy Exercise in Blacksea  Russia has said it is withdrawing from the Black Sea grain deal, which assured safe passage to ships carrying grain from Ukraine Brokered by the UN and Turkey.  Black Sea grain deal  Ukraine is among the world’s biggest exporter of food grains, such as wheat and corn, and a major contributor to the UN’s food aid programmes.  When Russia invaded the country and blockaded its ports, it sent food prices soaring and raised fears of food security in the poorer nations of the world.  On July 22, 2022, the UN and Turkey got Russia to agree to the Black Sea Grain Initiative, under which cargo ships would be allowed to travel from and to three Ukrainian ports of Odesa, Chornomorsk and Pivdennyi (Yuzhny), after inspection that they weren’t carrying arms. The deal had been extended twice.  Russia's navy carried out a live fire "exercise" in the northwest Black Sea, Moscow's Defense Ministry said, days after the Kremlin said it would consider ships traveling to Ukraine through the waterway potential military targets.  The Black Sea Fleet carried out live firing of anti-ship cruise missiles at the target ship in the combat training range in the northwestern part of the Black Sea. About Russia President – Vladimir Putin  Capital – Moscow Currency - Russian Ruble