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IIT-B researchers’ ‘smart stethoscope’ can hear heart beats from a distance

Indian Institute of Technology of Bombay (IIT-B) has developed a "digital stethoscope" that can listen to heart beats from a distance and record them, minimising the risk of healthcare professionals contracting the novel coronavirus from patients. The data or the auscultated sound from a patient's chest is wirelessly sent to the doctor using Bluetooth, doing away with the need to go near to take readings, according to members of the team. The IIT-B team has received a patent for the device that records the auscultated sound and stores it as part of a patient's health record. This can be shared with other doctors for analysis as well as follow ups. Operating a start-up called "AyuDevice" from the IIT's technology business incubator, the team has sent 1,000 stethoscopes to different hospitals and healthcare centres across the country. The product has been developed with clinical inputs from doctors at Reliance Hospital and PD Hinduja Hospital.