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Indices Social Progress Index (SPI) for States and Districts Social Progress Index (SPI) for States and Districts is prepared by the Institute for Competitiveness and Social Progress Imperative. SPI measures a country's social progress at the national and sub-national levels (district and local level) The index assesses states and districts based on 12 components across three critical dimensions of social progress - Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing, and Opportunity. The index uses 89 indicators at the state level and 49 at the district level. Based on the SPI scores, states and districts have been ranked under six tiers of social progress The tiers are Tier 1: Very High Social Progress Tier 2: High Social Progress Tier 3: Upper Middle Social Progress Tier 4: Lower Middle Social Progress Tier 5: Low Social Progress Tier 6: Very Low Social Progress. Tamil Nadu ranked highest in Opportunity dimension with the score of 72.00  Two Components, Personal Freedom and Choice and Access to Advanced Education  Overall SPI score State SPI Rank Puducherry 65.99 1 Lakshadweep 65.89 2 Goa 65.53 3 Sikkim 65.10 4 Mizoram 64.19 5 Tamil Nadu 63.33 6