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TN Ethanol Blending Policy The Tamil Nadu Ethanol Blending Policy (EBP) 2023, released by the Industries Department. About the Policy: The State would encourage sugar industries to set up molasses-based ethanol plants and improve capacity utilization. Oil marketing companies (OMCs), at present, source ethanol from other States, including Maharashtra and Karnataka. At present, OMCs were blending up to 12% of ethanol with petrol in the State. The target is to increase this to 20% by 2025 and to increase storage capacity in terminals for the same. Tamil Nadu City Gas Distribution (CGD) Policy 2023 The State government also released the Tamil Nadu City Gas Distribution (CGD) Policy 2023 for the liquefied/compressed natural gas (CNG) to vehicles and piped natural gas (PNG) to homes. In Tamil Nadu, all 38 districts are to be covered with the CGD network through which around 2.28 crore PNG connections and around 2,785 CNG stations are to be developed. Logistics Policy and Integrated Logistics Plan 2023: The Tamil Nadu government has come out with a Logistics Policy and Integrated Logistics Plan 2023. The vision of Tamil Nadu Logistics Policy 2023 is “to promote an integrated, reliable, cost efficient and sustainable logistics system in the State for enhanced competitiveness and fast-tracked economic development”. The Tamil Nadu Integrated Logistics Plan (TNILP), 2023, includes a strategic plan for the next 10 years. The policy aims at reducing cost of logistics (for export import and domestic freight) in the State.