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Yoga Science Meet and Women Science Congress fill colours to ISC 2020

The Yoga Science meet was organized as part of theongoing 107th Indian Science Congress (ISC) in Bengaluru. The meet was addressed by the head of SVYASA Yoga deemed University Dr. HR Nagendra. Highlights: The participants discussed the benefits of yoga.  They also shared ideas and views on Yoga research. The meeting discussed that meditation and yoga can compose the human body and mind and give relief from any anxiety and stress. 107th Indian Science Congress: The 107thIndian Science Congress (ISC) is held from 3-7 January 2020 at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Bengaluru, Karnataka. ISC will provide the desired platform to the farmers who introduced innovations in agriculture. Aim: The theme of the 107thISC is Science and Technology: Rural Development.  The 107thIndian Science Congress aims to bridge the gap between the Indian farmers and tech-developers as the gap has resulted in only partial exploration of the benefits. It focuses on rural development through science and technology. It aims to boost agriculture in India. Many of the innovations have helped to enhance crop productivity, market access, and diversifying rural livelihood profiles.