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Govt – Welfare oriented Govt schemes, their utility Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme Chief Minister MK Stalin inaugurated the state wide launch of the Chief Minister’s breakfast scheme in Thirukkuvalai, Nagapattinam district. The scheme has now been  extended to all 31,000 government schools  across the State, benefiting 17 lakh students.  About the Scheme  Launched – September 15, 2022 at Madurai Objective - To provide breakfast to primary school children from 1st to 5th standard studying in Government schools on all school working days Aim - To reduce hunger, prevent malnutrition, achieve average height in children, prevent underweight in adolescents, prevent anaemia as well as vitamin B12 deficiency Evolution of Breakfast Scheme in Tamil Nadu  September 16, 1920 - Mid-day meal scheme in a Corporation School at Thousand Lights under Sir PT Thiyagarayar (Mayor of Madras Corporation) 1957 – Revival of Mid-Day Meal Scheme under K Kamaraj. 1982 - Nutritious Meal Programme under MG Ramachandran. 1989 – Serving of egg with nutritious meal under M Karunanidhi.  2013 - J Jayalalithaa adds variety rice dishes to the menu. 2022 – Chief Ministers Free Breakfast Scheme by MK Stalin.


Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme – Pushes up attendance levels of the 1,543 government schools in Tamil Nadu where the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme has been rolled out, 1,319 schools showed an increase in attendance of students of Classes I to V in January and February this year, compared with June - July 2022 according to an analysis done by the State Planning Commission. About the scheme The Tamil Nadu government introduced this program on September15, 2022. Under the program, breakfast will be provided to pupils in classes one to five. Introduced in Madurai. Ennum Ezhuthum Awareness drive on Ennum Ezhuthum scheme across Tamil Nadu from March 16. As part of its efforts to gain public support for the development of government schools, the school education department would through a series of programmes raise awareness on its basic literacy and numeracy scheme (Ennum Ezhuthum Mission) targeted at children under the age of eight during March 16-21 across all districts in the state. About the scheme: Launched on-June 17,2022 Aim: to ensure foundational literacy and numeracy by 2025. launched at an event in Azhinjivakkam panchayat union middle school, Tiruvallur.