New snake eel species discovered in Odisha

New snake eel species discovered in Odisha
  • A new snake eel species residing in the Bay of Bengal has been discovered and documented this month (January) by the Estuarine Biology Regional Centre (EBRC) of the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) at Gopalpur-on-sea in Odisha.
  • This new marine species has been named Ophichthus kailashchandrai to honour the vast contributions of Dr. Kailash Chandra, Director of ZSI, to Indian animal taxonomy.
  • Ophichthus kailashchandrai is the eighth species of the Ophichthus genus found on the Indian coast. It is the fifth new species discovered by the Gopalpur ZSI in the last two years.

New species

  • In 2019, two new species of marine eel, Gymnothorax and amanensesis and Gymnothorax smithi were been discovered by this ZSI centre.
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