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IIT-Madras to organize India’s1stGlobal Hyperloop Pod Competition

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madraswill organize India’s 1stGlobal Hyperloop Pod Competition named as ‘Indian Hyperloop Pod Competition’, to increase the awareness & enthusiasm about Hyperloop in India. The competition aims to encourage student teams in India & abroad to develop a Hyperloop Pod & compete to construct the fastest, highly innovative, effective design & also prototypes of related technologies. The final round to take place in the IIT-Madras campus in July 2020. On March 14, 2020, IIT-Madras launched Career Back 2 Women (CB2 Women)  initiative through its “Digital Skills Academy ” to skill women who want to return to a technical profession after a break in their career. What is Hyperloop Pod? Hyperloop is the 5th transportation mode, a high-speedtrain that travels in a vacuum tube. It is a sealed pipe where a pod can travel on reduced air resistance or friction. While being very efficient, the reduced air resistance allows the capsule within the tube to reach speeds of up to 1000 km/h conveying people or objects at high speed. SpaceX & Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Elon Musk proposed the idea of Hyperloop to the world in 2013 through a white paper “Hyperloop Alpha.” India to be in lockdown for 21 days from 25 March 2020 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the complete lockdown of the entire nation, as part of government’s stringent efforts to tackle coronavirus disease Covid-19. The entire country will be under lockdown from 25 March 2020 for 21 days. According to health experts, at least 21 days time is very important to break the coronavirus infection cycle.