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Chennai most vulnerable to cyberattacks among metros

Chennai continued to be the most vulnerable city among metros to cyberattacks fo the second quarters of 2019 (August-October), according to the findings of ‘Cyber Threat Monitor’, by K7 computing. Despite a 2% decrease in infection rate from the last quarter, Chennai still remains the most vulnerable at 46%. Among metro cities, cyberattacks in Delhi ballooned in the second quarter with a 6% increase in the quarter on quarter infection rate, according to the report. The infection rate in cyber city, Hyderabad is 41% from 39% recorded last quarter , while Bengaluru and Pune experienced 39% and 35% of cyberattacks, similar to the previous quarter.

Home ministry alerts on Android bug ‘StrandHogg’ vulnerable to cyberattack

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) sent an alert to all States warning about a bug in Android operating system (OS) called ‘StrandHogg’. It is a real-time malware application which would pose as genuine applications and access all the users’ data.  All android device versions including latest android version 10, are vulnerable to this bug. Key Point: Promon, a Norwegian firm specializing in In-App protection, found proof of this android vulnerability which they call it as ‘StrandHogg’. The information about this bug was shared by Threat Analytical Unit (TAU), Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) of MoHA. About Android: Fact-Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel (operating system kernel) designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices. Initial launch-September 23, 2008.