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IIT-M develops AI-powered drone to tackle rogue drones

IIT-M develops AI-powered drone to tackle rogue drones

Chennai, Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-M) have developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered drone that can take on rogue drones. The IIT-M said that the drone developed by its researchers can help law enforcement and security agencies as well as armed forces to secure air space over critical civilian and military installations against surveillance by rogue drones. According to IIT-M, the drone can be controlled over the Internet and can navigate autonomously as compared with most existing drones that operate on 'line of sight', that is, the operator must keep the drone within their eyesight.

IIT-M research shows concrete made from clay may replace cement

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) announced its new study shows that concrete made from clay fly ash, and limestone hold promise as replacements for cement. The IIT-M researchers have provided clarity on the link between microstructural development and durability performance of concrete through their investigation on concrete with ternary blended cements, which will help the construction industry to produce more eco-friendly concrete than available now.

Election Commission, IIT-M join hands to develop new technology for voting

The Election Commission has collaborated with IIT Madras to work on a new technology which will allow electors to vote from far away cities without going to the designated polling station of their respective constituencies.