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IIT-M develops AI-powered drone to tackle rogue drones

IIT-M develops AI-powered drone to tackle rogue drones

Chennai, Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-M) have developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered drone that can take on rogue drones. The IIT-M said that the drone developed by its researchers can help law enforcement and security agencies as well as armed forces to secure air space over critical civilian and military installations against surveillance by rogue drones. According to IIT-M, the drone can be controlled over the Internet and can navigate autonomously as compared with most existing drones that operate on 'line of sight', that is, the operator must keep the drone within their eyesight.

AI powered National Stock Exchange Knowledge Hub inaugurated in New Delhi

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) knowledge Hub was inaugurated. The hub will assist insurance, banking and financial services. The hub has adopted the latest technology of Artificial Intelligence. Highlights The technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two major keys for India to become 1 trillion-dollar economy by 2035. The hub is one such step of the technologies to boost the economy of the country. India’s position in AI According to RESEARCH AGENCY Itihaasa, India ranks third in Artificial Intelligence.  The rankings were provided by the agency based on the research publications in the field.

UNESCO to train 4,000 Indian teachers in AI-powered Digital Technology

UNESCO and Dell Technologies will launch a new education programme where they will train 4,000 Indian teachers in Artificial Technology. The programme will aid in GoI step of introducing Artificial Intelligence as a subject in school. Highlights The programme will be spread across three phases. In the first phase, teachers in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnatakawill be trained. The organizations will use technologies like FramerSpace, frontier technologies and ICT to train the teachers. FramerSpace is a digital platform that will help teachers implement and monitor learning plans for students. Teachers who are certified in Dell’s Aarambh programmes are to be given preferences.