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ICICI Bank launches banking services on WhatsApp

The ICICI Bank has launched Whatsapp bankingto assist its customers in meeting the banking needs from homes during the lockdown. Beneficiaries Any existing ICICI Bank Savings Account customer on WhatsApp can access the new service. The customer who has only an ICICI credit card can use the service to block/ unblock the card. The Non-ICICI Bank customers can also use this service to know the nearby location of the Bank’s branches / ATMs.

Government launched MyGov Corona Helpdesk on WhatsApp

The government launched MyGov Corona Helpdeskon WhatsApp to create awareness among citizens about the coronavirus(COVID-19)  Key Points: The official Whatsapp chatbot can also be used to resolve queries in relation to COVID-19 using the number 9013151515. Besides this, the government has also set up 2 helpline numbers, +91-11-23978046 and 1075 (toll-free) & an email id ([email protected]) to resolve the queries of Indian citizens. In addition to this Google has also initiated a campaign named‘Do the Five. Help stop Coronavirus’ in its search home page that lists out the five things people should follow to prevent coronavirus & also issued Push Notifications on the Google App for Android & iPhone Operating System (iOS) users in India.