Tag: Zero Poaching of Rhinos in Assam in 2022

Policy on Environment and Ecology

Policy on Environment and Ecology Zero Poaching of Rhinos in Assam in 2022 Assam recorded zero poaching of Rhinoceros for the first time in nearly 45 years in 2022. About India Rhinoceros Indian Rhinos are Asia's largest species of rhino. They are found in India (Assam, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh), Nepal and Bhutan. IUCN Status - Vulnerable Indian Rhinos have only one horn Rhino horn is made up of keratin - protein which forms the basis of our hair and nails. Habitat: Tropical and subtropical grasslands, savannas and shrublands, tropical moist forests, deserts and shrublands. Threats: Horn poaching for medicinal value, habitat loss. Highest Population : Kaziranga National Park Highest Population density of Indian Rhinos : Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary Initiatives for rhino conversion in India Indian Rhino Vision 2020 was launched in 2005 to increase the rhino population in Assam to 3,000 by establishing populations in seven protected areas. Special Rhino Protection Force constituted by Assam to check rhino poaching and related activities